Handmade Tepees

Our handmade teepees make charming play tents for the young and adventurous. They are made from high quality calico with cotton doors. The doors can be made from a variety of colours and patterns.

We make to order from your choice of materials and we have several ready made examples to choose from. The bunting is included.  Padded play mats and cushions in the same materials as your choice of door material are available as optional extras.

A five sided option is soon to be available which gives a lot more space inside for a very reasonable extra cost

The teepee can be personalised with the child’s name etc as an extra

Prices quoted are exclusive of poles due to the much higher cost of postage of the teepee when these are included. The 18mm 6 foot dowel poles  are easily obtainable by yourself from B&Q etc. It is recommended that the poles are rounded at each end. Ours are also given a couple of coats of wax polish to enable easy insertion/protection. However,we can supply poles as an option should you wish to avoid the hassle. In fact our finished  poles are cheaper than the basic poles from B&Q!

Turnaround  time for made to order teepees is currently about one week

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