Rocking Horses

The Craft Workshop offers a wide range of hand crafted, traditional wooden rocking horses made to order to a high standard here in South Lakeland.

Our rocking horses are developed from tested designs by Anthony Dew of the Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss, Yorkshire. They are built using only the finest available materials, toy-safe where appropriate, and responsibly sourced from well-established suppliers.

Our present models range in size from 20″ high horses on a swing stand intended for the display of classic dolls through to our large model standing 47″ high to the tips of his ears. Extra large models can also be quoted for. There is a choice of styles offered which include traditional bow-mounted horses up to medium size and simplified versions such as the Swinger which does not involve extensive wood carving. We also make a chair horse on bows intended for the very young. Both traditionally painted/dappled and stained/polished wood versions of each size are available.

We can offer a choice of woods, styles and colours of saddles and tack along with a choice of colours of mane and tail.

Whether you are looking for an heirloom toy for your child/grandchild or a showpiece for the landing we would be happy to discuss your wishes and provide you with a quotation.